When You See What This Hungry Dog Did To A New Born Baby You Will Be Shocked

Image Credit: Petsfans
This is the most disturbing post, yet the most inspiring post you will lay your eyes on today, and its about a dog. Viewer discretion is strongly advised. Most of you already know that the world we live in today is full of cruel people, people from all walks of life ready to jab the life out of another soul just to be comfortable.

It happens, and you might think I?m a little out of sync, but look at the abandonment. People abandon their pups just because they don?t want their carpets to be ruined. Don?t believe me? Check this out. Then others abandon their pups because they?re ?defective?. There are all sorts of people in the world, really, but what you?re about to see today is horrific. But no matter how cruel people are to dogs, especially the stray ones, this post is going to show you just how dignified stray dogs are.

Just because they?re homeless doesn?t mean they don?t deserve life. One day on the streets of Oman, a stray dog was searching the street for some food to eat, but instead of finding food, the dog found a newborn baby. It is assumed that the baby was just a few hours old and still had it?s umbilical cord attached to it. The dog was hungry, very hungry, so he picked up the baby.

Image Credit: Petsfans

But here?s the thing. The dog didn?t want to eat the baby, not at all. He wanted to only make sure that the baby was out of the street and into a loving home. The dog picked up the baby and walked towards the closest house. He gently put the baby down on the porch and started barking for attention.

Image Credit: Petsfans

The family in the house heard the loud barks and immediately opened the door only to be shocked with what the dog brought to them. They immediately took the baby to the hospital and because of the dog and his thinking, the baby was still alive. The stupid parents of this baby may have dumped it like trash, but a dog saved it and gave it a second chance to life.

This dog is my hero and he proved to the world that no matter how badly you treat strays, you have to remember that it?s not their fault they?re strays?I love you dog for saving the baby and for being there. Don?t forget to share this AMAZING post with your friends.

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02.11.2015 kl.18:04

Helt utrolig historie :-) <3 Ha en fin kveld Cuskima <3 Klemmer <3

Elin Slen

02.11.2015 kl.18:31

Veldig utrolig <3 Hunder er fantastiske <3


02.11.2015 kl.18:31

Fy sren for en historie, og FOR en helt den hunden der er! et veldig rrende og fint innlegg <3


02.11.2015 kl.18:39

frodith: nydeligste vovvene...helt utrolig <3<3 klemmetingene <3


02.11.2015 kl.18:40

Elin Slen: nemlig....helt fantastisk <3


02.11.2015 kl.18:40

Bergensergenser: nydeligste vovven...flinkeste <3<3


02.11.2015 kl.18:41

SV: Det er hvertfall sikkert <3


02.11.2015 kl.18:42

Bergensergenser: <3


02.11.2015 kl.20:49

Snakk om helt! Tenk redde den lille babyen, uten hunden ville den nok ikke levd!


02.11.2015 kl.23:08

margarites: helt sant,men hvem kaster en baby og tenk at hunden visste at babyen var et menneske og at den trengte hjelp!!

Veronica S

04.11.2015 kl.17:50

Og igjen, dem som sier at dyr ikke har flelser kan grave seg en grav og si god natt. Dyr er noen fantastiske vesner.


04.11.2015 kl.18:29

Veronica S: amen sister...flinkeste vovven<3

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