serist.....denne elefanten er 62 r gammel og har vrt p bla sirkus i 55 r......lengre enn de fleste som leser min blogg har levd har alts denne elefanten vrt underholdningen.......N ER DET NOK.

Vr snill skriv under s vi fr frigitt Momo <3<3<3

55 years in captivity. 55 years shaking her hips for visitors. 55 years watching her friends die off one by one. This is what it is like to be Mo Mo the Elephant.

When Tiffany woke up on her birthday this year, she did not expect to learn that she shares the day with an elephant named Mo Mo. And she definitely didn't expect to find out that Mo Mo, who was turning 62, had spent the last 55 years being forced to dance for visitors at the Yangon Zoological Gardens. Tiffany could not let this injustice continue, so she created a Care2 petition demanding that the zoo release Mo Mo to an elephant sanctuary. Will you sign her petition?

Mo Mo was born in 1953, and was given to the zoo on June 6, 1961. As if living out her days in captivity weren't bad enough, she was trained to play the harmonica and shake her hips to the music to entertain the zoo's visitors. A trick she is still forced to perform today.

Over the years, other elephants were trained to dance with Mo Mo, but they have all died. While Asian elephants can expect to live 60-70 years in the wild, the life expectancy of those living in captivity is closer to 30-35 years.

Mo Mo's old age is a miracle that should be celebrated, but not in the way that the Yangon Zoological Gardens likes to do it. This year they dressed her up in a sparkly outfit, gave her a feast of bananas, and released 62 birds in her honor. It was a huge spectacle, and probably made the zoo a lot of money, but it is doubtful that this was how Mo Mo would have chosen to spend her birthday.

Instead of releasing 62 birds for her birthday, they should have released Mo Mo. She has spent long enough in captivity and deserves a rest.Please sign this petition demanding that the Yangon Zoo release Mo Mo to an elephant sanctuary where she can live out her final years with peace and dignity. If enough people speak out, the Yangon Zoo might cave to public pressure and free Mo Mo.


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Moving On: me too eg vet mange vegrer seg,men hallo...55 r........helt forjvlig!!

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