I met an old lady today. 
When I looked into her eyes she seemed familiar,but I was unable to pinpoint where I knew her from.
I felt stir of recognition , but it slipped my mind and she started to turn her back towards me and moved away. I
suddenly saw a flash in her eyes of hopes and dreams, of wants and desires. 
Of unfulfilled expectations and I knew her as a your lady reaching for my hand last year. 
With promise in her eyes. promise of days filled with laughter and happiness and with friends and family. promises of doing better, being better and I was so excited when I grabbed her hand and let me follow her down the path.

I met a man today with flirtatious eyes and a smile so sparkly I felt swept away. 
His eyes made promises to fulfill my dreams and make my life and adventure. I reached out and grabbed his hand and let him lead me down the path.

One last time I turned and looked at the lady, but she was gone into the past of the yesteryears.....she had faded and I could almost not even remember her anymore.

I grabbed his tighter and told myself that this time I would make use of the opportunity... really embrace every day as he lead me and I whispered who are you? 
I am New year

To all my loved ones, to friends and acquaintances 
Thank you for The Old Year and Happy New Year <3

Maria - To make each day count

01.01.2019 kl.21:59

Gott nytt r! :)


05.01.2019 kl.21:41

Maria: samme til deg <3


03.01.2019 kl.22:22

Fin denne! Riktig godt nytt r til deg min venn <3


05.01.2019 kl.21:41

margarites: samme til deg <3


04.01.2019 kl.06:02

Godt nytt r kjre deg <3


05.01.2019 kl.21:41

Randi: samme til deg <3

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